In 1990, the NES software Fire Emblem: Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light was released, and now the Fire Emblem series has become a representative role-playing simulation game. It is a popular series with many attractive characters as well as a challenging difficulty level.

Among them, the main character, who can be said to be the alter ego of the player, is very important both in terms of story and tactics. So this time, I will introduce three representative characters from the Fire Emblem series.


Appeared from the first work in the series Fire Emblem: Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light. In the story, he is portrayed as a highly-popular person, and at first he throws himself into the battle with a small number of friends, but in the battle he gradually increases his friends and saves the world. In later works, he was called Hero King and is a special figure in the series. Although there is nothing special about the ability as a unit, it will show its presence with the special weapons Rapier and Falchion. How to protect Mars is an important point in advancing the game.


The main character who appears in Fire Emblem if. Originally a royal family of the midnight sun kingdom, he was kidnapped by the dark night kingdom at an early age and was raised as a royal family of the dark night kingdom. However, in the middle of the story, he is forced to reunite with the family of the Midnight Sun Kingdom and choose whether to return to the Midnight Sun Kingdom or live as a human being in the Dark Night Kingdom. The unit performance is the strongest among the heroes of all time due to the extremely high ability value and the existence of special weapons. At the beginning of the game, you can select male / female and change the hairstyle and face, so the appearance will differ greatly depending on the player.


The main character of Fire Emblem Fuka Yuzuki. Beleth / Beleth will become a teacher at the military academy, and their fate will change significantly depending on the class they are in charge of. While there is a simulation-like way of enjoying interacting with the students in the class, there is also a cruel development that you will have a blade with such students from the middle stage onwards. Like the main character of the past work, the character is basically good at swordsmanship. However, he also has the dexterity to be able to handle it to some extent no matter how he grows it.

What is your favorite FE hero?

I have introduced three excerpts from the Fire Emblem series. Who is your favorite hero?

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