The release date of the survival horror game Resident Evil Village has been decided on May 8. At the same time, the trailer, character photos, and latest screenshots have been lifted.

In addition to the PlayStation 5 version and PC (Steam) version from the character introduction visual Resident Evil Village, the PlayStation 4 version and Xbox One version, which were announced as being researched for transplantation, will be released on the same day. Both model versions support upgrade programs and smart delivery, so you can play on the next-generation version without additional purchases. And for PlayStation 5, a trial version MAIDEN that allows you to quickly enjoy the visuals of this work is also distributed. Trial versions for other models will also be distributed this spring. For PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, package versions of Resident Evil Village recommended for those aged 17 and over and Resident Evil Village Z Version for those aged 18 and over will be released. In addition to the regular version, each package version will also have a Collector’s Edition containing a number of luxurious items such as Chris Redfield figures.  

A couple of years after the misfortune at Baker’s House. Ethan Winters, who survived the incident, spent peaceful days together with his wife Mia and daughter Rose under the protection of the anti-bioterrorist unit BSAA. However, a cheerful life is broken by the attack of BSAA captain Chris Redfield. Ethan to regain her stolen daughter Heads to the dead place again. The released character photos are Ethan Winters, Ethan’s wife Mia, Winters’ only daughter Rose, and Chris Red, who lives in the bioterrorist organization BSAA, who survived the tragedy after being involved in the bioterrorism incident at Baker’s house. A total of five people, Dmitresque, who has a field, a tall looking up and a bewitching appearance, and is also the same as the castle towering in the village. In addition, the latest screenshot shows the state of Dmitresque Castle, which rises as if overlooking the village. The castle, where the palace proprietor Dmitresque and his girls live, is in cunningness of the residents. Gorgeous furnishings and mysterious objects are drawn with beautiful graphics unique to RE ENGINE, and there are signs of death and blood in this castle. The game Resident Evil Village will be released by Capcom on May 8th.

Resident Evil Village Break through the extremes with wisdom and courage!

On January 22, Capcom released the latest information on the game system in the latest Resident Evil Village Series Resident Evil Village. This work is scheduled to be released on May 8, 2021. In addition, a shop where you can buy and sell items has appeared in this work. I will introduce it with the owner, Duke. Below, from the release.

Ethan Survival The real thrill of Resident Evil is survival, which escapes from the extreme state with wisdom and courage. Reject the threat together with your own hands and survive the fear. Introducing the four elements of fear, battle, item management, and search with the newest screenshots. Fear Resident Evil Village, like its predecessor, uses a subjective perspective isolated view that integrates Ethan and the player. Players additionally feel the stun, agony, and dread that Ethan gets. A myriad of threats that haven’t been experienced are expecting players to go to as the battle story progresses, you’ll get a variety of weapons, from knives and handguns to shotguns and sniper rifles. Master each weapon and destroy the threat. Item Management Weapons and items that Ethan can carry are limited. Which item do you bring? Selection is also an important strategy. Exploration There are many mysteries hidden in the village where Ethan got lost. Explore the village and each corner of the castle and open up a bloodline. Mysterious Merchant Duke A mysterious merchant Duke meets at Dmitresque Castle. It seems that it sells various items like weapons and ammunition. Duke’s Store the Duke’s store not only buys and sells recovery medicine, weapons, and ammunition, but also customizes firearms and purchases rare items. The hidden totem The search for Easter eggs, which has become quite familiar, is still alive in this work.