If you are looking for ways to grow your little business in 2021, the right place to start is with your social media platform. As a small business owner, words of mouth and social media can be a strong combination to grow your business.

So, if you haven’t focused a lot on your social media strategy with everything that happened so far by 2020, read this article.

With the spread of smartphones, social media has spread to a wide range of generations. In recent years, not only the distribution of information, which has a great influence on the consumption behavior of users, but also services that allow customers to directly purchase products and services and make payments have become widespread, and they are becoming established as a living infrastructure.
 In addition, by expanding the mechanism to support individual creative activities, such as providing a function that allows individuals to receive compensation by transmitting information through photos and videos through social media, information transmitted by individuals and companies Distribution volume continues to increase.
 Against this background, social media is gaining more and more attention as an investment target in corporate marketing activities.

 In this survey, the annual expenditure for marketing by companies using social media is defined as the “social media marketing market”, which is classified into five segments, and each is estimated and predicted.

, the size of the domestic social media marketing market in 2021 is expected to be 551.9 billion yen, which is 107% of the previous year.
While marketing investment by some companies fell due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, investment in new customer development and customer acquisition, such as campaigns on social media of companies whose main sales channel is online, continued to be strong. It is changing.

In addition, from a medium- to long-term perspective, companies that have social media as one of their main sales channels are investing in strategic planning and account management.

It is expected that social media will continue to play an increasingly important role in the medium to long term as a channel for communication and sales between companies and consumers. Against this background, corporate marketing investment will continue to grow, and the size of the social media marketing market in 2025 is projected to reach 1,117.1 billion yen, about double that of 2020.

By category, “social media advertising” was 493.2 billion yen, 89.4% of the total, and “influencer marketing” was 31.7 billion yen, 5.7% of the total. In addition, it is estimated that corporate “SNS account operation support” is 14.5 billion yen, 2.6% of the total, “analysis tool” is 7.5 billion yen, 1.4%, and “campaign planning consulting” is 5 billion yen, 0.9%. 

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. LinkedIn
  5. YouTube
  6. Reddit
  7. Pinterest
  8. Quora

§  Facebook:

Facebook is no longer new. And not all companies need it. However, things have changed a lot since Facebook first entered the marketing scene. Facebook is now the world’s largest social network, selling products through 360 ° videos and chatbots, and becoming a major source of information for about two-thirds of the total population, something you couldn’t imagine 10 years ago. It is possible to do something like that.

Facebook has 1.56 billion daily active users . In other words, it is about five times the population of the United States, or more than 20% of the world’s population. Moreover, the number of users is still increasing .

And it’s not just the huge number of users that are growing. Users spend more time on Facebook. Globally, the average user spends about an hour a day on Facebook. Considering that the average sleeping time of a general person is 8 hours, about 7% of the time spent awake is absorbed in SNS.

For many, Facebook is like the Internet itself. But how many people are making the most of it in their business?

Facebook pages are a great starting point for your company to market to its primary target users. Like personal accounts, Facebook pages are open to the public, but you can also get fans to like companies, brands, celebrities, philanthropists, and organizations. Fans can stay up-to-date on newsfeed pages, while companies can increase brand awareness, deploy and track ads, gather detailed audience insights, and chat with users seeking customer service. I can.

In the sections that follow, you’ll find all the information you need to get the most out of Facebook marketing. Whether you’re a Facebook page user for years or just getting started, this is a comprehensive guide to help you.


  • Interesting followers of your friends and family (and their friends and family).
  • Personalize your business.
  • Helps potential customers contact you directly.


  • You risk violating the provisions of Facebook services and deleting your account.
  • Your family and family may not be your main demographic.
  • You cannot post ads with links to online booking or other pages on your website.
  • Scale can be difficult.

§  Instagram:

Instagram is becoming more important as a sales channel, especially for young people and women. The base of influencers who disseminate information has expanded, and it is being used by a wide range of companies regardless of size. Instagram is one of the SNS, and it is a service that mainly posts photos and videos.

Since it is more visual-oriented than traditional SNS, many users take and post fashionable photos.
The popularity of Instagram can be seen from the fact that the word “Instagram” is born.

Nowadays, there is even a profession called “Instagrammer” who makes money by using Instagram.

In addition to personal use, there are now cases where companies use it for promotions.

§  Twitter:

Twitter is a deep-rooted SNS that is popular among young people in all over the world. There are many cases where companies use it for marketing. This time, I’ve summarized the basic knowledge and basic terms of Twitter that marketers want to keep in mind.

Currently, Twitter is used by about 45 million people in Japan. The total number of users in the world exceeds 300 million, making it one of the most popular SNSs.

The main function is a simple one that posts text (= tweet) up to 140 characters at a time. However, because it has the characteristic that the first tweet sent by the “retweet” function is spread to other users one after another, it can be said that it is more diffuse than Facebook and Instagram.

Also, unlike SNS, which is connected by approving accounts, it is often the case that users who tweet their favorite tweets are unilaterally followed (a function like registering favorites). One of the attractions is that you can easily interact with people you don’t know at all because you are connected by hobbies and interests

§  LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is one of the world’s largest business-focused social networking services, launched in May 2003. Silicon Valley companies are also nice.

As of July 2015, the number of registered users has exceeded 380 million worldwide. The attributes of users are mostly from young employees to managers, and the genre is more in the IT / financial industry.

The concept is ” to increase the productivity of professionals around the world and connect them to be more successful.” It’s very clear and feels good.

If you are an individual user, you can connect with people in the same industry and occupation and expand your work network. There is also a function for people who are thinking of finding a job or changing jobs to collect company information and contact companies.

Not only individuals but also companies can create pages, which are used to appeal their business and services. In addition, some companies are using it as a direct recruiting tool because they can approach users who have published their careers and skills.

  • LinkedIn features

Professional network

Relationships with other users include colleagues, bosses, and business partners

The purpose of use of users is public self-introduction function tool, business interaction

It has become. Roughly speaking, it feels like a business-specific SNS. It is different from general SNS where you share your life with your friends.

  • YouTube:

“YouTube” is gaining widespread attention as the No. 1 video site, such as “I don’t watch TV but watch YouTube” and “I want to be a YouTuber”. I will explain the basics and how to enjoy it gently for beginner level people who want to use it soon, but want to use it more conveniently.

YouTube is an online video sharing service provided by Google, and its name comes from You = you and Tube = cathode ray tube (television).

Anyone can use it for free, and it is possible to watch videos, post videos taken with smartphones and video cameras, and have people all over the world watch them.

The videos posted by the general public have a different appeal from TV, so you will surely find your favorite work.

Also, from 2018, a service called ” YouTube Music ” has been added, and you can enjoy various music with images.

First of all, try watching various videos, and once you get used to it, try posting.

People who earn advertising revenue from videos posted on YouTube are called YouTubers, but if you have any special skills or knowledge, it is not a dream to show them off and become YouTubers.

You who are thinking “I want to be a Youtuber, but how do I make money !?”

This time, I ‘ve summarized 5 ways to earn money on YouTube!

  1. Use YouTube AdSense:

To start advertising on YouTube, first get a “Google AdSense account”.

If you are originally an affiliate on a blog, you probably have an account that has passed the screening, so link YouTube with your AdSense account.

As long as you meet the conditions, you will soon be able to place ads on YouTube.

  • Use sponsored ads:

This is also called a corporate project, and is a method of getting paid by introducing a product requested by a sponsor with a video.

The reward amount is often about 1.5 times the number of subscribers.

To get this job, you need to be well-known on the channel, and unless you’re a popular YouTuber, you won’t get many offers.

  • Belong to the office:

Rather than working as a freelancer, it is a way to work by belonging to an MCN (multi-channel network) or YouTuber office.

With regular ad deals, you can earn money by receiving offers as a professional Youtuber.

  • Earn in the game live:

The live game, which is popular with a wide range of age groups, is much more popular both at home and abroad.

You can earn money while playing your favorite game, but you can’t increase the number of channel registrations unless you summarize the strategy in a video or distribute it with a personality.

In addition, new games are coming out one after another, and we can communicate with each other in the comment section to form a community.

By the way, when it comes to live games, I wonder what the copyright will be, but most game companies have tolerated it.

It’s also a promotion for games, and games introduced by popular YouTubers also increase sales, so some video distributors receive special offers.

  • Earn money by “singing and playing musical instruments”:

If you like music, you can also make money with “videos of singing covers” and “videos of playing musical instruments”.

If you write the lyrics yourself, you can sell your own songs, so it’s ant to post the original songs after increasing the number of channel registrations on the cover.

Some people have made their debut with popularity on YouTube, so it’s also an opportunity to test your talent.

Reddit , a bulletin board SNS with more than 400 million users worldwide, mainly in the United States, has announced the addition of a blockchain-based “community point” function.

Reddit will also be introduced as a post-type social site, like the former 2ch in the domestic case. It has a function like a board (thread) in 2ch called subreddit, and is mainly used for questions and answers and discussions. It’s more popular than Twitter in the US, raising a total of $ 300 million in February 2019 from Tencent, Sequoia, Fidelity, and Andreessen Horowitz.

Topic points: Below, we will focus on the three points of “how to earn”, “use and significance”, and “technical mechanism” of Reddit points. First of all, “how to earn” is a simple mechanism that is given according to the quantity and quality of posts and comments (for posts).

Next is “use and significance”, which can be divided into three. The first is to pay for a paid membership, which allows you to get rid of ads and access various content such as badges, GIFs and pictograms.

The second is the contribution score. Contribution scores are always displayed with your profile. This allows users to estimate their contribution (reliability) to each other’s communities.

The third is an increase in voting power. One of Reddit’s well-known features is the ability to vote for posts. Voting is a “like” function that anyone can easily press, and posts that collect more votes will be moved to a more visible position at the top of the site.

  • Pinterest:

“Pinterest” is a web service that allows you to collect and bookmark images on your website. Born in the United States in 2008. It is now widely used by companies for increasing product awareness and branding. This time, we have summarized the basic usage of Pinterest, which is also useful for business in Japan, and how to use it in business with examples.

Pinterest is a service that allows you to pin your favorite photos and images on your own corkboard and share them. Boards can be categorized into “favorite clothes,” “where you want to go,” and “scenery.”

For example, you can pin your favorite images and videos as you like while browsing the Internet (collect them on the Pinterest board), and share your favorite people and boards, such as friends and celebrities.

It is a web service that is gradually gaining popularity because you can see the boards of fashionable people and fashion-conscious people

  • How Pinterest use in business:

Pinterest is rushing to implement shopping features. Shopping features are rapidly spreading among social platforms, Instagram has introduced new features of Instagram shopping one after another in recent months, and TikTok announced shopping link support in November last year.

Pinterest introduced the shopping feature “Buyable Pins” in 2015. It is a mechanism that allows users to purchase products with a simple click. Last year, it introduced multiple shopping-only functions. Pinterest is so focused on shopping because it has a mission to “help users find new things.”

According to the company’s latest announcement, 83% of users buy after seeing a brand’s post on Pinterest. Currently, the company has 320 million monthly active users, which is a great opportunity for the brand to increase sales. Already companies such as Skin Ceuticals (SkinCeuticals) and erasable ink are selling tattoo box (Inkbox) is in the advertising of Pintaresuto has made good achievements. Inkbox increased spending by a factor of 10 and conversion rates by a factor of 8 earlier last year.

  • Quora:

Quora is, in a nutshell, a “site that summarizes people’s knowledge and experience in a Q & A format” created by the former Facebook CTO.

Unlike existing Q & A sites that are mainly related to daily life, it is a major feature that specialized questions and discussions are actively developed.

Quora has a partnership program.

In a nutshell, it’s a program where you can earn money by asking questions that bring out the experience and knowledge of the other person.


・ The money is paid to the person who asked the question, not the person who answered the question.
・ Unlike other Q & A sites, the experience and specialized knowledge unique to that person can be drawn out and shared through Q & A.
・ Simply as a reading material High quality.

It’s pretty interesting so far, but one of Quora’s Q & As was taken personally.

That is the question and answer here.

How does it feel to play basketball with President Obama? 

President Obama himself answers the question.

The English-speaking world is not only particularly learning, but also interesting as a reading material.


・ There are many judgment materials that can be used to judge whether the information is reliable.
・ Excellent as a reading material.
・ Information is filtered and the quality is improved over time.