Wizards of the Coast will release the latest set of trading card game (TCG) Magic: The Gathering Cardheim on February 5th. The price starts from 350 USD (excluding tax) for the booster pack.

Magic the Gathering was the world’s first TCG released in 1993, and Yu-Gi-Oh! It also has a great influence on TCGs such as Duel Masters and Duel Masters. It is sold in more than 70 countries and territories worldwide and has more than 40 million players. Indeed, it is the original and ultimate existence of TCG. Magic: The Gathering has a wide range of products, including new sets centered on new cards, reprinted sets of past cards, and joke sets, but Cardheim is the first new set in 2021 and is a total. It consists of 285 types of cards. The price is 350 USD (excluding tax) for the draft booster of the regular pack, 500 USD (excluding tax) for the set booster where you can get up to 4 rarest and mythic rarest, and the extended art version of rare or mythic rare. Foil spec rare or mythic rare, foil spec card, showcase card, etc. Collector booster is 2,200 USD (excluding tax). At the same time, two types of commander decks (built decks for multiplayer battles) will be released for 2,000 USD each (excluding tax). In this article, I would like to tell you about the appeal of Cardheim as far as we know at the moment. [Caldheim’s products]

The world view of Magic the Gathering

Is a magnificent fantasy set in the multiverse, set in the Cardoheim dimension consisting of 10 territories centered on the world tree? There are various worlds in the multiverse, and those worlds are called dimensions. The protagonists of Magic the Gathering, called Planes walkers, have the ability to traverse that dimension, and it’s a battle that transcends dimensions for many years. The new set is basically designed based on the worldview of one of the dimensions, and the famous dimension is often revisited years later, and over the years MTG. It makes people who are playing the game feel nostalgic, Have you returned to this world again? The stage of this Cardheim is the same Cardheim dimension as the set name. Unlike other dimensions, Cardheim has a complex structure in which 10 realms circulate around the world tree. The territory itself is like a microcosm, and Cardheim itself is a miniature version of the Multiverse. The word world tree may have come to the fore, but Cardheim’s worldview is based on Scandinavian legends and myths, and is magnificent with the theme of ancient heroes. The ten territories of Cardheim are Bretagard, Axgard, Notvord, Immerstam, Istfell, Kefir, Ritoyala, Schemfer, Stalnheim, Sertland. There are creatures that represent each of the territories. For example, Bretagard is the territory of humans, and Axgard is the territory of dwarves. [Caldheim’s representative cards]

New mechanics Preliminary and Show appear in Magic:

The Gathering, a new mechanic usually appears every time a new set comes out, but in Cardheim A new mechanism (keyword ability) called preliminary manifestation and display will appear. Preliminary means that you can cast the card by paying 2 manna during your turn to exile it face down from your hand, and paying the preliminary cost from the exile zone in the subsequent turns. In Preliminary, you can pay the cost of the card by dividing it across turns, and there are also cards that can be cast in Preliminary to obtain additional effects. Show off is an ability that can only be activated once per turn, but cannot be activated unless the creature is attacking that turn. Also, from the mechanics that appeared in the previous set, double-sided card with mode, ice and snow, hero tan, and polyphaser are re-released. Will appear.

Viking-style showcase card

That makes you want to collect in recent sets of Magic the Gathering, showcase card that expresses the world view with card frames and art is recorded. So-called parallel specifications, but the encapsulation rate is common Uncommon is 1 in 9 packs, rare and mythic rare is 1 in 27 packs, which is quite rare. Cardheim is a world view based on Norse mythology, and a showcase card featuring metal music and Viking, which are associated with Scandinavia, will appear. There is also a borderless version of the land card that has no surrounding frame. It can be said that it is a card that motivates the collection. [Showcase card and borderless land card]

Pre-release at home

Event will also be held at Magic the Gathering; a pre-release event will be held to celebrate the appearance of the new set one week before the official release. However, in consideration of the spread of the new coronavirus infection, Cardoheim will hold a pre-release at home event where pre-releases will be held at home instead of in stores. As a campaign, if you purchase a pre-release pack of Cardheim at a Magic official store during the period from January 29th to February 4th, you will receive a special promo card Evil Duo (promo card). Is limited in quantity). This promo card is a valuable Japanese version of Fiendish Duo, which is included in products that have not been released.