Sega’s Android / iOS RPG Dx2 Shin Megami Tensei Liberation (Dx2 Mega ten) will celebrate its 3rd anniversary as early as January 22nd. Currently, the excitement is at its peak in the midst of a super-luxury 3rd anniversary event with large-scale behavior!

Because it is in a festival state, not only fans of the original Shin Megami Tensei (hereinafter referred to as Mega ten), but also those who have only played the Persona series and those who are only interested in the Genie Tensei series (extremely rare). San), and I want people who don’t know much about Mega Ten to play this game anyway! Why are you so excited? That’s a foolish question for mega tennis players. I just want to immerse people who haven’t played yet in the dark swamp (charm) of Dx2 Shin Mega ten. At such a perfect timing, I caught the information that Mr. Kami Yama, a new sales representative of GAME Watch, does not know Mega Ten. When I found a good target, I immediately caught her and decided to convey the charm of this work to the swamp of Dx2 Mega ten!!


That can be enjoyed even if you have no experience with the series The charm of 2 Mega ten! Endo: A rookie who came often!! Kami Yama: Yes. I was called early after the new year (true face). Endo: According to wind rumors, Mr. Kami Yama doesn’t know much about Mega Ten? Kami Yama: That’s right. Almost no knowledge. Endo: I see. Then, do you have an impression of Mega Ten that you are holding somehow? Kami Yama: Well, I have the impression that it’s an RPG with a long history and a slightly high threshold. Endo: That’s right. It’s true that the series has been going on for almost 30 years since the first Shin Megami Tensei, so I think there are quite a few people who are having a hard time entering it, but that’s a big mistake! First of all, most of the works of Mega Ten have an independent view of the world. Since it may be a story connection, I can enter from any work, in fact! So the truth is that the threshold is not that high. Kami Yama: That’s right! When I hear that, I feel that the hurdle has dropped at once! Endo: Speaking of Mega Ten, it’s an RPG that features a dark world view set in modern Japan. When I get home from my errand, my mother is doing terrible things to the devil, or I’m trapped in a school that has become a demon world and I’m struck by a strange father. Kami Yama: Wow, it’s a hard world view just to hear. Only Katsu age has a scale. Endo: The appeal of Mega Ten is that such irreparable things happen naturally! In addition, the element of fighting with the enemy devil as a middle devil, and the fact that the opponent to fight and the ending of the story change depending on the player’s choice is also interesting unique to the Mega Ten series. Kami Yama: Well, fight with the devil. Mega Ten was such a game! Endo: Even with Dx2 Shin Mega ten, the original characteristics are firmly inherited, and the content is fairly easy to play for smartphone apps, so it’s a perfect work to touch the Mega Ten series for the first time. By the way, has Mr. Kami Yama ever played an RPG on a smartphone? Kami Yama: Yes. I used to play a lot! Endo: I see, that’s a quick story. The basis of the Dx2 Shin Mega ten game is a stamina-based stage-clear RPG. It’s an orthodox form of smartphone RPG where the story progresses as you clear the stage. Kami Yama: I want to continue! Recover your stamina quickly! That’s the one. Endo: And the true value of this work is the highly strategic Press Turn Battle battle system. Kami Yama: Press turn battle? Endo: Press turn battle is a system introduced from Shin Megami Tensei 3, and it can be said that it revolutionized the conventional turn system battle. In a normal turn-based command battle, the party members act once when it’s their turn, and when all of them have finished acting, they turn to the enemy’s turn, isn’t it? Kami Yama: Normally, that’s right … How is the press turn battle different? Endo: In the press turn battle, the party members can’t act once each in their turn, but the number of actions is given by the number of parties. How to make good use of the number of actions shared by the members creates a depth that other turn-based battles do not have. Kami Yama: : Then, is it possible to keep only the strong demons of the party acting? Endo: Since the order of actions of the members is fixed, it is not possible to make the same Yakama act continuously, but you can make them fight around the Yakama you want to act. Normally, the press turn icon is decremented by 1 for each action, but with the action pass, the consumption of the press turn icon can be suppressed to 0.5 and it can be turned to the next intermediary. Kami Yama: Really, the icon is halved! It feels like the number of actions has been reduced by half. Endo: That’s right. Of course, if you pass again in this state, the other half will be consumed, but in fact, if you take an action such as attacking with the press turn icon in half, the consumption of the press turn icon will be 0.5. Kami Yama: Eh!? Normally, you can consume one, but half of it is enough!

In that case, it is better to repeat the flow of pass → attack than to continue the pass, and you can turn the turn at a good price while damaging! Endo: That’s right! It is the theory that controls the press turn battle to use the press turn icon well without waste. Kami Yama: Even though it’s a turn-based battle, it has a high degree of freedom and is interesting! Endo: The essence of the press turn battle starts here! In fact, in addition to passing, you can cut the consumption of the press turn icon by half by pushing the weak points of the enemy or giving a critical hit. Kami Yama: It’s advantageous to just hit a weak point and do a lot of damage, but in addition, the amount of energy consumed is halved! Isn’t it a good thing! Endo: That’s right. So if you have 5 press turn icons, you can attack up to 10 times in a row in one turn by hitting the weak points each time! Kami Yama:  You hit me unilaterally. Endo: The enemy is in a full-blown state. But what you have to be careful about is that this rule is common to both enemies and allies. Kami Yama: Speaking of common, if this one is struck by a weakness … Endo: The enemy is in a forever my turn state. Kami Yama: That’s too hell … Endo: So it’s very important to organize a party that gives you an advantage according to the opponent so that you won’t be knocked down by hell. Kami Yama:  It’s a very deep game. Now, I’m suddenly interested in Dx2 Shin Mega Ten!

Story development is also attractive!

A dark world view and fascinating demons that you cannot taste in other RPGs! Endo: Where is Mr. Kami Yama:  focusing on RPG? Kami Yama: Well, after all it’s a story and a character. These two are indispensable! Endo: I see, I see. Then, from here, I would like to briefly explain the story of this work. Kami Yama: Please! Endo: One day, when the main character in Akihabara installed a popular smartphone game, the game was actually a devil summoning app. From there, the main character becomes a devil downloader (Dx2) who uses the devil. Kami Yama:  The development is very fast. Endo: It’s a great help because the story is quick. Therefore, the main character who became a member of the Dx2 organization Liberators will devote himself to the battle with the hostile Dx2 organization Acolytes. Kami Yama: : It’s a royal story compared to being cut off by a strange father at a school that has become a demon world. Endo: You think that’s right? As the story progresses, it gradually becomes a disturbing development. Drugs are widespread and crimes and suicides are rampant, and the whole story of killing high school girls is filmed and posted on the Internet. Anyway, dangerous incidents occur. Kami Yama:  It feels more like a real darkness than being cut off by a strange father at a school that has become a demon world. Endo: Above all, the scene where a salaryman-style man bought a little girl at a trafficking auction and was trying to do something like that was really shocking. I still remember being impressed when I saw it, saying, Oh, this is definitely ‘Mega Ten’! Kami Yama: I think you’ll be impressed there, but it’s not a hamper, it’s shocking. Endo: As we pursue various incidents, we gradually become involved in the battle for the survival of humankind, which is a big story on a Mega Ten scale. Kami Yama: It’s a darker style than I imagined, but it seems to be very drawn to the story. Endo: The story is a series of shocks, so I want you to fully enjoy the dark world. By the way, next to the story is the character. The characters are certainly attractive. A handsome guy who wants to put it on something and take it off, or a former SDF idol otaku. Kami Yama: It’s extremely dark. Endo: The characters are also strong and attractive, but I still want to push the devil here! The faces of the Mega Ten series are the suspicious and attractive demons.