Capcom, side-scrolling action for Nintendo Switch which is scheduled to launch on February 25, back home has been Makai village was started pre-order at the Nintendo e shop.

The newest details on new elements, stages, magic, etc. is also released. To commemorate the start of reservations, a campaign to win 100 people by lottery for QUO Card Pay is being held until 13:00 on February 9th. [Nintendo Switch Ghosts’n Goblins 2nd Trailer]

Ghosts’n Goblins

In the Ghosts’n Goblins series, which awaits the second challenge, the stage that was captured before the first clear was the next lap (2). After the lap), it will change its appearance and wait. The stage that changed its appearance is called Fukama Stage, and not only the appearance but also the types and gimmicks of the enemies that appear. Many have changed.

Really suspicious

Black treasure chest There is a suspicious black treasure chest on each stage, which is different from the usual treasure chest. This extraordinary black chest is harder to seek out than a traditional chest, and if you break it, a white monster will appear. If you’ll defeat the monsters well, something will happen on the stage, and you’ll be led to a special place hell room that ought to not be normal.

Something happens

when you collect all the Matama of each stage You can get the dubious item Matama along the stage. What happens when you collect them all …?

Equipped with challenge elements! Let’s complete and conquer Makaimura This work also features a challenging element. The content of the challenge is really various, such as releasing all the magic from collecting a certain number of specific items. There are also many challenging challenges available.

New zone released Various stages

Zone 2

In the stage Ice Town and Ice Devil Town, you will be careful not to get caught in the ice floor. In Tower of the Big Man, use the bomb barrel to defeat the monsters and aim for the top of the tower. The first half of the stage Flame Town is the Mountains of Arijigoku where the wind and sand block the way. The last half is that the Firefox tower where flames and gears block the way. In both cases, attention to the top, bottom, left and right is the key stage.

Zone 3

In the Stage Makyo Please note that some monsters can only be seen in the dark in Mephisto’s Makyo, which relies only on candlelight. The candle can be temporarily extinguished by an attack. In Demons Rock and the Rampage Flying Dragon, which is an area without ground, you will have to walk across the back of the flying dragon to move forward, so you need to carefully determine when to jump.

Zone 4

Majoguchi The Underground Labyrinth under Makai Castle, which is that the entrance to Makai Castle, maybe a fairly technical area in both the primary half and therefore the last half. In the first half, when an attack hits the centerpiece of the wall, it attracts enemies, and in the second half, the entire surrounding wall looks like a living thing. It stretches and shrinks. Let’s get a clue to the strategy while listening to the position of Arthur.

Magic Clock

Magic Clock with Mysterious Power When you release certain conditions, you can use a Magic Clock that changes the speed of the entire game with a mysterious power. Try a faster speed than usual, or change to a slower speed (only available on Young Knight and Apprentice Knight difficulty levels) to practice your actions.

Introducing various weapons!

Introducing various weapons! Use it to break through the demon world Disk: Squat down or hit the floor diagonally to fly along the terrain Shield: Weapon that can eliminate enemy bullets, but has a short flight distance Crossbow: Diagonally above and diagonally Shoot fire arrows in the bottom two directions Tricky Weapons.

Effects are powerful and unique!

All effects are powerful and unique! Reveal part of the magic Gama: Transform the enemy on the screen into a frog. Oh Byi net attack spread, depending on the level: The Obyi you are on a screen (or Dorubyi), catch and spread the magic of the net doppelganger: The Arthur alter ego (afterimage) have appeared, even alter ego behind the body attack to do. The number of friend increases consistent with the extent

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