I’m sorry to say that it’s sudden, but let me give you a simple quiz about the characters that appear in FINAL FANTASY VII (FFVII). What are the male character’s black hair with a red headband, firearms are the main weapon, and called Turks of Turks while belonging to the Shin-Ra Company? Yes, it’s Vincent Valentine (Vincent). Fifteen years ago, the PlayStation 2 (PS2) software Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII- (DC FFVII) with Vincent as the main character was released.

This is a gun action RPG released by Square Enix on January 26, 2006. As the title name suggests, it is a spin-off title of the PlayStation software FF VII that was born on January 31, 1997. The main character is not Cloud Strife because it is a gaiden, but Vincent (CV: Shogo Suzuki) who was a member of the party in the original version.) Is the leading role. From the early to mid-2000s, works that complement the storyline of FF VII were serialized as COMPILATION of FINAL FANTASY VII. Beyond the boundaries of the platform, such as Before Crisis Final Fantasy VII (mobile phone app), Final Fantasy VII Advent Children (video work), and Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII (PlayStation Portable software) Various contents were sent out to the world. DC FFVII is one such lineup. In the world three years after FF VII, the player controls Vincent with Cerberus (special weapon) and fights against the armed group Deep Grand Soldier (hereinafter, DG Soldier). Although it is a work that follows the flow of FF VII, the genre is strongly specialized in action. It adopted a game system equivalent to TPS (third-person shooter), in which the camera follows Vincent holding a gun from behind. Especially when compared with the original version, the difference is obvious. Search around while moving in the 3D field. Crushed by shooting the enemy character you found. Acquired gilCustomize your favorite gun with (money). After clearing the stage and watching the event movie, the content was as it was to the next chapter. Therefore, at the time of its release, some people were wondering, why is it a shooting game in FF VII? On the other hand, because it is a spin-off title of FF VII, which is popular in the Final Fantasy (FF) series, I remember that some fans were excited to say I was waiting! (I also remember). One of them). So to speak, expectations and doubts were mixed, but in reality, a considerable number of purchasing users gave a strict evaluation to this work.

How did this happen? Vincent light action

Why did this work receive strict evaluation from users? There are various possible reasons, but in terms of what I felt, insufficient action aspect may have been a major factor. Because the movement of Vincent of this work is moody anyway. I couldn’t run in the field with a tattattat! And I stayed at a jogging-like movement speed with a tattattat …. In addition, his passive behavior is slow, and for some reason he is always in the middle. Due to the lack of usability of proximity action and the camera’s viewpoint that moves halfway, the quality of the action side was not good as a compliment. However, not everything was disappointing, and it seems that some parts were worthy of evaluation. Although there are contradictions in the story, the CG movie produced for this work is still beautiful. In addition, it also has a multiplayer mode, so if you are a Play Online (Square Enix network service) subscriber, you cannot miss the fact that you can enjoy online battles with up to 32 people. This service itself has ended about 8 months after its release, but it is not in the story-oriented single player mode, such as multiplayer battles in which players compete lively, and limited quests developed only in multiplayer mode. It was packed with unique elements. After that, in the PS2 software DC FFVII International released on September 4, 2008, the action of Vincent was greatly enhanced. Overall, the play feel has been raised to some level of comfort. Such DC FFVII is also 15 years old. As with FINAL FANTASY VII Remake, which is probably under development for the sequel, I would like to see this work remade firmly at some turning point if possible. There is none. * Part of the text has been revised.