There are many types of smartphones, and you may be wondering which one to choose.

This article is an article that thoroughly explains the difference between Android and iPhone even in such troubles.

Android and iPhone each have their own characteristics in terms of price and function, so please refer to this article to find a smartphone that suits you!

Here is a comparison of the latest iPhone and Android smartphones after iPhone 12 / Pro / Pro Max / mini was released and iOS 14 was released.

I use both iPhone and Android, and I have a deep respect for both Google and Apple, and I’m in a permanent neutral Swiss position.

Since the introduction of the iPhone 6 and iOS 8, things that were easy to do on Android but not on the iPhone can now be done on the iPhone.

There are some factors that the iPhone outperforms steadily. However, there are still some super useful features that are unique to Android.

Based on the experience of actually using both iPhone and Android, I will thoroughly explain which is better.

  • IPhone is better than Android smartphone:

iPhone and Android have different operating systems. In terms of games, it’s like Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch and PS4.

Although they are common in terms of game consoles, their internal structure is different and their usability is different. You will need to use dedicated software for each.

The same is true for smartphones, iPhone downloads iOS compatible apps with iTunes, and Android downloads with Google Play.

However, popular and famous apps such as LINE, Skype, and evernote can often be used on both iPhone and Android.

There are many differences between iPhone and Android even on the same smartphone, and their usability is different. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Battery life stability:

The iPhone has a good battery life for its low battery capacity. The battery capacity of the iPhone 5S is about 1560mA, but the battery life is definitely better than the smartphone of the same capacity of Android.

In the case of Android, unused apps may be running in the background, but in the case of iOS, unused apps are controlled in the background, so it is said that the battery life is good.

I set it to 100% before going to bed at 12:30, and when I got on the train the next morning, it was sometimes left at “100%”.

Android has a larger battery capacity than iPhone. However, sometimes the cause is unknown and the battery runs out at once. There were other people who experienced the same phenomenon, not just my device.

This phenomenon has never happened on the iPhone, and I think the iPhone is better for battery life stability. Initially, iOS8 could consume a lot of battery power, but with the update, it became stable.

iOS9 has improved efficiency across operating systems, apps, and key technologies, making batteries last longer.

If you put it on the table with the screen down, the iPhone will recognize it, so the screen will not turn on when you receive the notification.

With Sharp’s IGZO terminals, the liquid crystal, which accounts for most of the power consumption of smartphones, is energy-saving, so unless you are a heavy user, it will last for two days. Sharp’s Android smartphone has the best battery life in normal times.

From iOS 10 installed on iPhone 7, the lock will be unlocked automatically when you lift it. It’s super comfortable because you don’t have to press the power button or home button every time.

Android consumes more battery when this function is turned on. The iPhone has an edge and superiority in terms of low battery consumption and stability.

The iPhone X with iOS 11 has up to 2 hours longer battery life on a single charge than the iPhone 7. Furthermore, the battery life is improved.

  • Good accuracy of fingerprint authentication and face authentication:

With the Touch ID function, you can unlock with fingerprint authentication. This is comfortable and once you get used to it, you can’t go back to your passcode anymore.

It is installed not only in Apple but also in some Android. Fujitsu smartphones, Galaxy, etc.

It’s not the first time Apple has taken the lead, but Fujitsu. Even if it is installed by Fujitsu, it is not looked at, and it is sad that it is a storm of praise when it is installed by Apple.

From iOS8 , you can unlock 1Password’s master password with your fingerprint, which is a lot more convenient.

You can also call it from Safari, so password management is convenient if you’re using 1Password.

IPhones X and later have a new feature called ” Face ID ” that allows you to unlock, authenticate, and pay with Apple Pay with your own face.

Facial recognition unlocking was already introduced in Android 5.0 Lollipop. However, the drawback is that the accuracy is low in bright outdoors.

In the case of iPhone, it is unique that payment by Apple Pay is possible. Face ID recognition is highly accurate, and in most cases face recognition is smooth and explosive .

An increasing number of apps can use face recognition instead of entering a login ID and password in addition to unlocking.

  • Slimy feeling and ease of use of the camera

The so-called slimy feeling and good operability are better and more comfortable on the iPhone. The crispness of another dimension of high-spec Android after Nexus 5 is also quite good, but the iPhone is the best for a comfortable operation feeling.

For example, the iPhone is feminine and Android is masculine.

The camera is also easy to use on the iPhone. The simple pixel count is lower on the iPhone than on Android, but it’s responsive and easy to take without having to be familiar with the camera.

With the latest iPhone 11 Pro / Pro MAX, you can easily take ultra-wide-angle photos with a single touch. This is convenient when shooting in a small room or when you want to express the entire landscape.

Also, shooting in the dark is beautiful. It is user-friendly because there is no need to switch modes and the camera automatically detects it for optimal shooting.

  • Easy to understand:

I was using Android and suddenly the Google Calendar sync stopped. After investigating, I found that the calendar stopped for some reason if the Gmail app was not synchronized.

Maybe it was a temporary bug, but I couldn’t understand it without google, and I was a little troubled …

I think the iPhone is better in terms of simple and easy-to-understand operation. My parents, who are genuine machine-on-chi, were able to operate it after a few hours of teaching how to do it.

Many people use the iPhone in Japan, so it’s easy to find iPhone-related information as soon as you search for it.

Also, there is a tendency for many people to use it around them, so if you have any questions, it is highly likely that many people will know it.

From iPhone 6s, a pressure-sensitive (touch strength) operation function has appeared. Although it has become more convenient, it has diminished in terms of easy-to-understand operations, but it is still simple.

Since the button is only the home button and the rest is operated by touch, it is simpler and easier to understand than Android.

Even with Android, certain information will come out if it is a major model, but if it is a minor model, there is an aspect that there is little information on the Web even if you search.

  • Security:

The iPhone has many restrictions on apps, and there are strict Apple reviews when registering apps on the App Store.

Although there were some troubles due to bugs in iOS, it is safer in terms of security than Android.

Android makes it easy to register your app on Google Play. Certainly, apps that have security problems will be deleted when the operator discovers them.

However, in the case of Android, it is important to take self-defense measures such as downloading only famous apps and to install virus software.

  • Android smartphone is better than iPhone:

There are many types of Android, such as Google Pixel, SONY Xperia, Samsung GALAXY, SHARP AQUOS PHONE, Fujitsu arrows, ASUS Zenfone, Huawei, and Xiaomi.

iPhones are roughly divided into two types: normal size and large size plus / MAX. Since the model released in 2018, there is also a third way (intermediate size of the low-priced version), and there are three types.

On the other hand, Android is sold by a wide variety of manufacturers, and has a wide variety of functions, screen sizes, and prices.

We have a wide range of Android smartphones, from high-end models such as the iPhone, to inexpensive types that can be purchased for around 10,000 to 30,000 yen, and midrange models that cost around 60,000 to 90,000 yen.

The following describes what all Androids have in common.

  • Gesture app is God! Easy one-handed operation

One-handed operation was easy up to the iPhone 5S, but one-handed operation has become extremely difficult due to the larger screen of the iPhone XS / XS Max / XR.

With a function called “Reachability”, if you lightly press the home button twice, the screen will go down and it will be easier to operate with one hand, but pressing it twice is troublesome.

In the case of Android, there are many gesture apps, and one-handed operation is easy for both 5 inch and 5.5 inch.

For example, if you use an app called “Smart Task Launcher”, you can execute the specified action when you swipe the right edge (left edge) of the screen to the top, bottom, left (right), top left (top right), bottom left (bottom right). is.

  • Back button ・ Lead to settings

The back button on the iPhone depends on the app, and there is a button to swipe from the left edge of the screen to the right or to return to the upper left of the screen.

Due to this, one-handed operation is no longer possible on the iPhone 6/7/8 plus and XS / XS Max / XR, which have larger screens.

There is no problem in situations where two-handed operation is possible, but it is inconvenient on trains, elevators and escalators, and while waiting for them.

Android is easy because you can return to the previous screen by pressing the back button. Also, if you use the gesture app mentioned above, you can swipe back in a specific direction from the right edge of the screen if you are right-handed, or at the left edge of the screen if you are left-handed.

On the other hand, on the iPhone, some settings can be displayed in the “Control Center” that is displayed by swiping from the upper right to the bottom, but detailed settings need to be opened once from the icon on the home screen or searched from the application list screen.

  • Multi-window multitasking

Starting with Android 7.0 Nougat, you can use the function that allows you to split the screen and use two apps at the same time.

You can use it for various purposes such as surfing the Internet or SNS while watching the video, or checking the location on the map while checking the shops.

In general Android, you will select the application to start from the application history. It is necessary to start the application that performs multitasking once.

For Galaxy S8 / S8 + / Note8, you can select the app to start from the list in “Other apps”.

In addition, there is also a snap window function that allows you to fix and display a part of the application, and the multitasking function is substantial.

You can also register a multitasking pair on the “edge screen” that can be connected to the app by swiping from the edge of the screen, and you can start two screens at once.

  • USB type C / SD card can be used

Some Android smartphones equipped with USB type C are standard.

Recently, the number of USB-C devices is increasing, so it is an advantage to be able to share the charger with various mobile devices. For iPhone, you need your own Lightning connector.

In addition, many models use SD cards. The number of 4K compatible smartphones that can shoot 4K videos and 4K photos, such as Xperia, Galaxy, ZenFone, HUAWEI, and AQUOS R, has increased.

If you often take high-quality photos and videos, the capacity will be quite full. Also, if you carry a lot of music and videos on your smartphone, it will take up space.

A model that can use an SD card on Android will help in terms of capacity.

  • Wide variety of apps! You can also change the default browser

Android allows you to install apps with relatively simple operations without going through Google Play.

You can also use apps that have high security risks but do not pass the official app store review.

Also, in general, Android is more lenient than iPhone, so you may be able to use a variety of apps.

Another advantage of Android is that you can freely change the default browser. For example, any app can always open Chrome or Firefox.

iPhone can specify the browser to open only for each application. It is not possible to set to always use Google Chrome.

  • Smart storage

From Android7.1, you can use the function to automatically delete the photos and videos backed up in Google Photos when the storage capacity of the internal storage becomes low.

If you turn on smart storage, you can manage your photos automatically, which is convenient for those who love Google Photos.

On the other hand, the iPhone has a function to automatically delete unused apps, but it cannot automatically cut large photos.

  • Dual messenger

Some Android devices such as Galaxy Note 8 have a function called “dual messenger”, and you can use two accounts such as LINE and Facebook that normally only one can be registered.

If you turn it on from “Settings Menu” → “Advanced Features”, another same icon will appear.

  • Smart function of phone app

Even if you receive a call from a phone number that is not registered in the address book of the terminal, it will instantly search and display who called you.

This is useful for determining whether a call is a nuisance call when a call comes from an unknown number.

  • Google mobile app is better than iPhone

Google’s original apps such as Google Maps, Gmail, and Google Now often have features in Android apps that iPhone apps don’t have.

If you are making full use of Google services, Android will be able to use Google apps more smoothly.

  • Summary

Basically, I think it’s good to conclude that Android is better on its own and iPhone is better for certain use cases.

Yes, the dispute is over.