Le Prince points out that there have been no major innovations in the game interface or the game itself. On the other hand, the has caused a change in the industry is the transition to a flat-rate service model, game machine manufacturers, the video game world of Netflix (Netflix was becoming).

According to Le Prince, flat-rate services such as Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass and Sony’s PlayStation Plus will bring the game industry a revolution like the movie and music industry has experienced.

Game Pass already has a Netflix-type service, and subscribers can use a large number of games. PlayStation Plus, on the other hand, offers a variety of services that appeal to gamers, such as online multiplayer.

Puranado said as a problem of the game machine manufacturers, how enclosing the company’s flat-rate service subscribers, IT giant Google (Google) and Amazon-dot-com (Amazon.Com or not to avoid given the opportunity to participate in, etc.) He pointed out that it was important.

Both Google and Amazon are embarking on a cloud gaming business. Cloud gaming is a service that allows games to be played on various devices such as smartphones and tablets. Program processing that places a heavy load is performed on a server on the cloud, eliminating the need for high-performance and expensive game consoles.

However, both Microsoft and Sony have also announced low-priced models of next-generation game consoles without drives, and have made progress in the direction of cloud gaming. In these models, the game is downloaded or streamed to play, and xCloud and PlayStation Now are available as stream distribution services, respectively.

However, Laurent Michaud, an analyst specializing in the game industry, said that it is in a transitional period and that game consoles and cloud gaming will coexist for a while. This will never be the final generation of game consoles, he said.

Many gamers prefer to play on large screens and high resolutions, so game developers are expected to develop software for 8K TVs that will give them a better gaming experience. Mr. Mishaw said it would take at least a few years for Internet communications to be fast enough to send 8K video. (c) AFP / Jules BONNARD.

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