Fitness Instagram Accounts


Simply put, The Rock is one in all our fitness heroes. His workouts square measure brutal (and typically they embody chains), he motivates his fans to figure as laborious as they’ll, and typically, he even shares his balmy physical exertion routines for those brave enough to offer them a strive.

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 ok, unashamed plug, however the entire purpose of our jobs is to inspire you to be healthier. We’ve got you lined on all thing’s fitness, health, weight loss, and nutrition.


 Björnsson is known for his role as “The Mountain” in Game of Thrones—but he’s conjointly the regnant World’s Strongest Man.

 He will deadlift over one,000 pounds and takes his fitness therefore seriously that he’s been legendary to down liquid chicken shakes.


 The ex-Mets trainer brings a scientific approach to coaching and regularly shares new physical exertion moves with followers. He’s nearly always shirtless, too, highlight however his exercises focus heavily on your core.

 Try It: want a replacement thanks to do face pulls for shoulder health? Lie on your back below a cable machine and grasp the rope handles that approach. Pull down whereas lying on your back. 


 follow on the far side the actual fact that he is our Fitness Director—although that definitely does not hurt his case.

He is conjointly a top-tier trainer United Nations agency posts multiple new workouts per week (which you’ll be able to realize in our Eb & Sole series) and a comfort station Health program, New Rules of Muscle, below his belt. His specialty: moves that hit your core whereas you train different muscles.

Try It: Next time you are doing dumbbell curls, rather than standing, kneel therefore your hips square measure perpendicular to the bottom. You’ll naturally contract your glutes and abs with each curl, and you won’t be ready to rock to cheat the curling motion, either.