Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical battle survival horror game in which four survivors join forces to escape from one killer. For a killer with superhuman abilities, the only survivor of the general public can escape, repair the generator, and try to escape from the ritual.

In this article, we will introduce some of the survivors who appear in Dead by Daylight.

Dwight Fairfield

Dwight has a dark personality, contrary to the image of the word survivor, with glasses and a sloppy figure. He has the ability to collaborate with his colleagues in unique parks such as Proof of Competence to speed up the repair of generators and Leader to improve work efficiency, and he is very reliable when teamwork is taken.

Meg Thomas

Like a land athlete, he is a survivor who keeps running away from the killer with sprinting, which has a tremendous effect when he escapes, and adrenaline, which makes him feel good when the gate opens. The costumes are mainly sportswear, with the setting that they went missing while running.

Claudette Morel

A reliable science girl with a recovery park. Not only is self-care that allows you to treat yourself as convenient as possible, but you can also play an active role as a healer with empathy that allows you to know the location of the injured and knowledge of botany that improves treatment efficiency.

Jake Park

A young man who couldn’t stand the pressure of the elite family and began to live in the forest. The Steel Will that suppresses the moaning when injured is convenient, and the Sabotage that can destroy the hook without items is also powerful. Even if injured, he is a reluctant survivor with excellent survival ability.

Nea Carlson

Nea’s unique parks include urban escape that allows you to move quickly even while crouching, and smart landing that reduces moaning and speeds up when you fall. A survivor with high stealth. Punk-like fashion is quite fashionable.

Ace Visconti

Ace, a survivor with a slightly chara look. Like a gambler, it has a unique park with luck, such as a wager raise that improves the luck of survivors, and a last trump card that adds add-ons to items picked up from the chest.

Fen Min

A hardcore gamer girl, Unique Park has a technician to help repair the generator, a flexible to help escape, and a warning to be visualized when the killer breaks the generator or board. Supple is very powerful as a park that can be used during chase.

David King

A survivor who has a talent for sports and scholarship, but has lost himself in a fight. Unique parks include high-risk, high-return no weak sounds and dead hard that can avoid killer attacks for a moment. It’s difficult to handle, but if you can master it, you will find powerful parks.

William Bill Over beck

A bearded veteran who appears in the Left 4 Dead series. Unique parks such as Given Grace that prolongs the life of the survivor who rescued Hook and Immortal that can recover from the crawling state are special things that find life during death. As expected, it is attractive to be a soldier. So far, we have introduced some of the survivors that appear in Dead by Daylight.

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