bookkeeping software for small law firm

LexWorkplace is a document management & productivity platform for law firms. Here at Uptime Legal, we spend considerable time helping law firms navigate the world of small law firm legal software. A recurring theme is confusion around the different law firm bookkeeping types of law firm software, and specificallywhichcategories of software dowhat. Still unsure as to which of the above software offerings is right for you? Time Matters is a customizable legal software solution for practice management.

bookkeeping software for small law firm

Unlike other law firm software, PCLaw doesn’t need to integrate with third-party accounting software to boost its bookkeeping features. The program is ideal for both solo practitioners and law firms that track billable hours and calculate profit per hour. In this roundup post, we suggested that FreshBooks is the best law practice management software overall, as it’s a suitable solution for solo accountants, lawyers, and small and medium-sized business owners. If you’re looking to move outside of the Quickbooks universe, Xero is a fast-growing and popular online software option.

Improve your law firm’s cash flow

The first and most obvious solution for unclaimed funds is to make every reasonable attempt to contact the client. In Canada, the Legal Profession Act states that a law firm has to hold client funds for more than two years and make every effort to contact the client about their funds. If they are unable to get ahold of the client, then the law firm must forward the unclaimed funds to the province’s law society. Before you purchase the first one that shows up in a google search, you should be aware of what you need it to do, and what the different software offerings out there can provide. The robust built-in accounting features make this software package stand out among the rest. This software comes in handy when there is a need for complex fee-splitting and/or commission. A multitude of functions can be streamlined, such as billing & invoice, time tracking, and document automation.

Google Workspace (formerly Google Apps and G-Suite) is a suite of lightweight web-based apps for documents, spreadsheets and email. Google Workspace is very easy to use, but users may find it’s features limiting. For each category, we’ll provide a shortlist of the top law firm software products for that type, and will provide resources to learn more about your favorites. Accounting software is an essential part of any law firm’s legal tech toolbox. It also has an Accounting Export feature, which allows users to export time entries to other accounting software programs. Responsible trust account reconciliation is part of keeping accurate financial records, even if the trust account has no balance.

Accounting Software For Finance & Legal

The software also needs to track time and expenses by the case and service code so that clients are billed appropriately. On top of general bookkeeping capabilities, law firms might look for solutions that include client portals, document management, and calendars. Once law firms begin using our system, our in-house support team is always available to provide training or onboarding or simply answer specific questions about our products and services. CosmoLex is a cloud-based accounting software for law firms, which means it’s easy to access our features remotely. In this day and age, it’s imperative to choose software designed to be accessed from anywhere, so you can get work done at all times without sacrificing efficiency. CosmoLex is packed with so many legal practice management features that most law firms may not need any other software solutions. But if you rely on other tools for your regular workflow, it can be helpful to integrate them with a comprehensive law firm accounting software to maximize efficiency.

You can even post matter-cost-related transactions while importing to prevent missed expense entries. With LeanLaw, your accounts receivable should be at a historic low. Because of the deep integration with QuickBooks Online, it is only this accounting software that we can sincerely tell you is going to work best with your law firm, especially as optimized by the LeanLaw. LeanLaw has developed an automated and transparent tool to manage tracking, reporting and paying compensation to respective attorneys in the law firm.


LexWorkplace is modern Document & Email Management, born in the cloud and built for law firms. Plus you can dig down deeper with expense tracking and customized reports to show month-to-month comparisons so you can make better business decisions. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your financial information is backed-up and secure. Even more importantly, all of these general ledger packages allow integrations with software specifically designed to help you manage your law firm. FreshBooks for your small law office accounting software, you will need to pay close attention to your IOLTA records and reconcile them often.

What is the cheapest accounting software for small business?

  • Wave.
  • ZipBooks.
  • Akaunting.
  • SlickPie.
  • GnuCash.
  • CloudBooks.
  • Zoho Invoice.
  • NCH Express Accounts.

The LEAP automated billing and legal accounting features allow your law firm to easily perform complex transactions and correctly record them in your accounts. Do away with paper processes and reduce errors through automation. Know what reports you need, have a list and make sure you “kick the tires” before you commit. Once you sign up for a demo and free trial (ask for it if they don’t offer), don’t wait to use it.

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