Best Android Fitness Apps

There isn’t a lot of you’ll do for your body that’s higher than getting into form, staying in form, and dealing out. It lowers all of the dangerous things (cholesterol, pressure level, etc.) and heightens all of the nice things (muscles, stamina, etc.).

Owning Associate in Nursing humanoid device won’t do these items for you however there square measure many apps that may assist you on the method.

Google Fit

Google work could be a little bit of a lame decide, however it’s very serviceable and it’s one among the higher free fitness apps. you’ll track your fitness employing a purpose system furthermore as active minutes.

The app additionally options fitness goal chase, custom-made tips, and integration with a spread of alternative apps like Run keeper, Strava, MyFitnessPal, and others.

 It’s additional versatile than primarily {any alternative the alternative} free fitness app and its integration with other apps makes it a touch easier to suggest than most other free solutions.

Funtastic (by adidas) apps

  has one among the most effective running apps on mobile. However, the developers have spent a decent portion of the last few years adding to their assortment.

Funtastic currently maintains apps for water intake reminders, Associate in Nursing HIIT elbow grease planner, and healthy food recipes. There square measure individual exercise apps for things like push-ups, cycling, and pull-upshift rounds it all out with a sleep huntsman app, and even a personal timer appall of them worked well once we tested them.

A number of them have single prices, some square measure free, and a few constitute Funtastic’s monthly (or yearly) subscription. There square measure plenty of fitness options in these apps.


MyFitnessPal is one among the foremost standard fitness apps on mobile. It will a touch little bit of everything. It bills itself as a calorie counter aphtha app supports stuff like varied diets, foods, and macros if you’re into that stuff.