A magical journey through the land of tigers that can delight even the most enthusiastic Henson fans and even involve some new fans.

The Dark Crystal era of resistance tactics is, you guessed it, a tactical turn-based strategy game set in the magical world of Thra. The game introduces the dark crystal characters and the magical world in a spectacular way.

The Dark Crystal Age of Resistant Statics follows the story of the first part of the Netflix series, traveling with your favorite characters like DEET, Lian, Gruzin, and the brave Paladin Happ!

You’ll also explore the Dark Wood, Silver Sea, Spriton Planes, Swamp of Sog, and the infamous Crystal Castle while fighting Chittaring’s Alatim and Skexis.

Developer: BonusXP
Publisher: En Masse Entertainment
Playing Time: 18
Price: $ 19.99

A fun and shallow journey through Thra

Tactical gameplay

The Dark Crystal Age gameplay of Resistance Tactics follows in the footsteps of almost every other turn-based tactical strategy game. The game is played on a series of small turn-based levels, each advancing the story enough to make sense.

To start each level, place the selected party members in a predefined location on the map and start the game. The top turn order indicates the next turn, alternating between your friendly party members and enemy units one at a time until you win or lose.

A fun and shallow journey through Thra

Level objectives range from the usual “destroy all evil minions” to exploratory-influenced missions such as “turn the lever over” and “everyone reaches the exit area”.

It took 8 to 15 minutes at each level. It’s fairly short and is ideal for short commute on the Nintendo Switch handheld.

For me, I could hardly play just one level and often continued my journey to fight many Nurloc, Skeksis, Gelflings, and Fizzgigs to save Thra.

Don’t watch this game to move the whole tactical genre forward. I don’t think it has been added or significantly enhanced to the game system commonly found in games of this genre.

It’s all played fairly safely and has some minor successes in work and abilities, but nothing blows the lid of the genre. This is not really negative. More importantly, it’s good because none of them really spoil.

Graphics and sound

The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance Tactics is visually stunning in almost every corner. The character modeling is very accurate and fits the best of all Vapras. I have no complaints about how Bonus-XP modeled this world, characters, spells, and skills.

What I’m having trouble with is the lack of spectacular ear sounds provided by The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance Tactics.

After a short tour of the bard with dark crystal songs, I became a big fan of the Netflix series soundtracks. The track has an underlying horrifying tone that should scare the hearts of all listeners.

So, did you know that all the fate of Gerfring has been written in stone since the film was made in 1982? Still, many songs still have a piece of hope.

Sadly, the game repeated a very short section of the main theme only and felt like it wasn’t taking full advantage of the Netflix series soundtrack. It may be a license nightmare. It’s always harder than I expected, but for me it was a noticeable flaw.

Story line

The Dark Crystal era of resistance tactics is often the next story, alongside a few small detours and the Netflix series. It doesn’t fit directly, but it has all the main parts.

That’s most of what I can say about storylines, it’s there. Coming from such a rich historical background, you might have thought that the dark crystal era of resistance tactics was full of folklore, but that’s the opposite.

A fun and shallow journey through Thra

The storyline goes through each segment faster than Usain Bolt! The game doesn’t pause or pause to capture all the nasty horrifying moments and epic visions.

Quickly traverse each major storyline and view them through simple conversation segments before and after each mission. Some world map conversations are put in the right way

The only good thing here is that they created a finely crafted comic-style cutscene. I wanted to see these more, so it’s sad that they don’t happen more often. They are a welcome sight when they are there.

Work and ability

Customization of the work and abilities of each character is top notch. You can have up to 3 primaries and up to 2 secondary job abilities. This allows you to completely customize each character to your liking, and it’s up to you ways to mix the roles.

Need a soldier with some mender skills for survival? Or do you want to continue attacking in the Tier 2 soldier’s job, the Paladin, and rock things with your Scout’s abilities?

A fun and shallow journey through Thra

You can change it at any time, especially if the level is too difficult to beat. Maybe a quick change in abilities and equipment will work?

The list of party members is full of everyone in the Netflix series. What’s not included in the playable characters is a very short side appearance with dark crystal hand-painted comic-style cutscenes and the short lines often seen at the beginning and end of each level.

We have found that certain missions require a particular party character, but each level has a large number of slots for party members, so in rare cases the highest level members may not be available. At best, one of my top tier team members remains a bystander.

The only downside here is that it can take a considerable amount of time to level up your work to your liking. If you want to pursue a job as a grave dancer, strategist, song teller, etc., be prepared to grind a little.

It’s also worth mentioning that Gelflings doesn’t have an equivalent work and skills as Fizzgigs and therefore the brave PodlingHup. There are different types here where each character can play a unique role.